Friday, January 11, 2008

A year already??

Wow, I didn't realize that it has been an entire year since I started this blog! How lame am I at keeping up with it?!

Well, since I last posted a lot has happened (like I said, it's been a year!). Luke had his first birthday last May and Alexis turned 3 almost a year ago. She will be 4 on February 5. I can't believe it. Time flies so fast! This year she is having her birthday party at the Bellingham Bay Gymnastics and Preschool. We've been going there off and on since she was about 11 months and it is an awesome place!

Luke is really starting to talk and is at the point where he can pretty much repeat anything we say (sometimes this can be unfortunate). He has a small obsession with Family Guy right now. So not appropriate, I know, but it's hilarious to see how excited he gets when it come on.

It still amazes me that 2 children from the same parents can be so completely different. Not only do they look nothing alike, their personalities are like night and day. Alexis has always been pretty easy, adaptable and not a great sleeper. Luke, on the other hand, was such a difficult baby, and still has his moments, but man, the kid can sleep! He also takes a much longer time to warm up to people, whereas Alexis is a social butterfly! It's so fun to watch Alexis and Luke's friendship develop. They are starting to really play together now, and Luke asks for her all the time. If she isn't home he's wandering around going "sissy?, Sissy?". So sweet!

Alexis is about to start preschool, which will give me 2.5 hours of peace on Wednesday morning. Luke will be at daycare and she'll be at school. I'm so excited to have a small chunk of time to do things that only I want to do! Selfish, maybe, but anyone with small children has to agree with me!