Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer 2008

Let me just start by saying that I stink at blogging. I'm really going to try and do better. But, I'm also not going to make any promises.

So far, we've had a great summer. The highlight, by far, was our trip to St. Louis to watch Auntie Dre and Uncle Ed get married. We left on July 1 and came home on the 7th. The kids did great on the plane. Luke actually slept the entire flight both directions only to wake up for the last 20 minutes. Alexis didn't sleep, but played and had fun with Grandma, Grandpa an Uncle Matt. We went to Grant's Farm on the 2nd, the St Louis Zoo and rehearsal/dinner on the 3rd, Ed's parents for a 4th of July BBQ, the wedding was the 5th, had a relaxing day on the 6th and went to the zoo again on the 7th since our flight wasn't til 6:30. It was a busy week, but so much fun. All the Francois kids were there with their families (Chris' siblings), all but one of Steve's siblings came and all Angela's siblings were there also. There were also lots of Chris' cousins there to play with also. It was so special that so many people made the trip! Alexis and Luke had a great time with so many people to entertain them. We also got to meet our newest niece, Alice Marie, who is absolutely precious. She is Jen and Chad's daughter and is 6 months old now.

We've been spending a lot of weekends in Lynnwood this summer since we finally decided to bite the bullet and remodel our house. We are adding a bathroom, laundry room and converting the garage into a living room/playroom. When all is said and done our house will be so great. Right now it's torn apart, but we're managing. Before this gets too long I'm just going to post some pictures of our summer.