Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

So, I'm 10 days late with this, but better late than never, right?! My baby turned 2 last Monday and I can't believe it. We didn't do much this year, but it was still a special day. I had to work on his birthday, but Gramma Joan came up and she and Alexis made him a birthday cake and sang to him. After work we went to Billy McHale's for dinner, then to Target to buy him a trike. When we got home we sang again and had a little more cake. Two years ago I was feeling lucky to have had a shower! We sure have come a long way! Luke was an extremely challenging baby (fussy, reflux, just all around not happy), but today he is a joy. He makes us laugh everyday with the funny things he says and does. He's happy most of the time, but has an occasional meltdown. He and Alexis get along so well most of the time and even when they do fight they move past it quickly.
It's so much fun now that the kids are a little older. I am so proud to have these adorable, smart, funny little people with me when we are out (most of the time) and am looking forward to lots of memorable moments this summer.
Pictures to come...