Monday, March 1, 2010

It's been 6 months...

So, I figured I'd update the old blog again. Lets see, what's happened since Alexis started kindergarten? Well, we celebrated Halloween (Alexis was Batgirl and Luke was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), Thanksgiving, Christmas, Luke started preschool and gave up his binky on the same day, then we celebrated Alexis' 6th birthday. Chris did a lot more work on our house (it looks like a real house again and I love it!) This was possible because in October the company that Chris worked for ran out of work. He's been collecting unemployment since then. It's been a bit of a blessing really, because I know the house wouldn't be even close to as finished as it is if he was still working. On January 8th Horizon Bank (where I've worked the last 12.5 years) was closed by the FDIC and taken over by Washington Federal. On February 10th they "eliminated my position". So, now I'm collecting unemployment too. We are most likely moving back to Snohomish county once Alexis finishes Kindergarten. Chris is going to work for his cousin and uncle at their construction company. I will hopefully find another part time job. The kids will both start school some place new in September, we're just not sure where yet.
Ok, here's some pictures from the last 6 months. They are out of order. I hate uploading pictures to blogger:

Ferry ride to Kingston in February 2010. We went with Gramma Joan just for fun. Didn't even leave the terminal in Kingston, just got back on and rode back to Edmonds. It was really fun!

Luke watching a movie at the ER at Children's. He sliced his finger open on Christmas and we thought he might need stitches. After 3 hours we were sent home with a bandaid.

The Francois Family Band. March 2010
Edmonds Beach. February 2010. They are watching scuba divers.

Alexis' 6th Birthday Party
Luke's first day of preschool
Pumpkin Patch, back in October
Professional Pictures in December
Family shot from December