Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Would you like some cookie with your sprinkles?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just some pictures

We really haven't done anything fun or exciting lately, so I thought I'd just share a few pictures I've taken in the last few weeks. When do kids start smiling normally when you say smile??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Show and Tell

Alexis got to bring a "show and tell" item to school last Wednesday. I thought it would be hard for her to decide what to bring, but she knew what she wanted to bring. Let me just start by saying that Alexis has at least 50 (maybe closer to 100) stuffed animals and would happily take 50 more. She's always ooohing and ahhing over them at any store and begging to buy them all. So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that that is what she chose for show and tell. She brought her Rudolph that she got last Christmas and a stuffed elephant. These 2 have always been at the top of her list of favorites. I wish I could have heard what she told the class about them.

My new nephew

There is a new addition in Karen, Dennis and Eliot's family! Baxter was born on 9/28 (his due date) and is doing great. We went to visit them on the 29th when they came home from the hospital. He was only 7 lbs at birth and seems so tiny! Eliot is doing great with his little brother. Alexis was so cute with him. She loved holding him and was so sweet. Luke didn't really care much about him. Apparently babies aren't his thing :)

I loved holding such a little baby, but was happy to give him back to Karen. I guess my baby days are behind me. I couldn't get both Luke and Alexis to sit with me while I held Baxter, so there is a picture of me with them separately. Oh well, someday they will cooperate, right??