Tuesday, March 10, 2009

February Fun

Here's a quick recap of our February.
We started off the month celebrating Alexis' birthday.

Next came Valentine's day, complete with heart shaped pancakes!

Chris installed the skylight in our "soon to be" bathroom and also got all the sheetrock up and plumbing done! Yeah!

We had some nice days that led us to believe spring was on it's way, only to be tricked by mother nature and wake up to snow the next day.

We spend a night at Grammy and Pop's while Chris worked on the house (the usual) and played with Baxter and Eliot.

Jon and Heather, the rockstars, visited. They came up with the names all on their own and got all ready for their fancy party.

This is their new favorite way to sleep. They go to bed together almost every night in Alexis' bed. I move Luke to his room once he's asleep. It's so sweet!

That pretty much sums up our month!


Georgia said...

Jon and Heather! lol, i love it!! And they go to bed together, that is the cutest thing ever!

Kathryn said...

Your kids are precious! I love the rockstars! I can totally remember doing that type of stuff with the now hotshot lawyer Timmy! How fun!

Do you remember Alicia Farrar? She is getting married this month!