Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last 6 weeks in pictures

Luke wrote his first letters on March 25. He wrote an L and an E!

He also drew his first person! Not bad if you ask me.

At the park across the street from our house after the Easter Egg Hunt.

Dying Easter eggs at Grammy and Pop's house the night before Easter

Easter morning at Grammy and Pop's house.

Dressed up for Easter dinner and Gramma and Papa's house.

This is the closet Chris and I have been living with the last 10 months or so. It's white plastic and has moved from room to room in our house. I'm so very happy to report that it is now at the dump because we have a real closet! Chris worked his tail off last weekend and got our closet all put together. I've never had a closet I can actually walk into before! There is so much storage space in it!
Lower half of my side

Upper half of my side

Chris' side. There will be a different dresser in here and a rod on this side also.

I love this tree in our yard! I look forward to it blooming every year. I wish it lasted longer. It sure does make a mess on the grass when the blossoms fall off, though.

I'm 33 today!


Karen said...

Let's see, I must address all subjects: Happy Birthday, beautiful tree, the closet is AWESOME!, happy Easter and yay Luke! Eliot hasn't written any letters or drawn any people yet, I'm very impressed!

Georgia said...

Happy (late) Birthday! Luke's picture of a person looks really really good!! My son doesnt quite get the coloring thing at all..except on walls of course ;)

Kathryn said...

I was actually just sitting down to write you an e-mail to wish you/us a Happy Birthday when I saw that you had posted! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I thought about emailing to see if you wanted to wear a matching outfit or have a party together. Pretty fun memories! Hope you had a great day!